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Updated: Aug 12, 2019


秉持 "For Junior" 的青少年中心概念,大會自去年起與法務部、警政署合作,將「不找麻煩、一起反毒」的主題,結合到台灣青少年公開賽的基因裡,舉辦公益反毒活動並帶領更多孩子認識高爾夫運動的美好,今後賽事將會持續地推廣反毒的意識,盡我們的一份力,為下一代打造更健康、安全的社會。

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in our "Avoid Hazard, Stay Off Drugs" campaign, which was founded in 2018. In the last nine years, tournament committee have striven to create a junior golf event that can make a difference in the standard and our culture of the junior golf in Asia.

We are pleased to be in partnership with the Legal and Police Departments of our government to launch this campaign and keep making sure that this event is here for the good of junior, and take a step a time to making the world a healthier and safer place for our children!

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